I just wanted to send an email to you and everyone there to say thank you for the great work you did on my truck. You have the best guys working for you. I have had my truck there a few times for various work to be done and the service and professionalism i have recieved is the best around. You guys know what your doing and talking about. I would never hesitate to refer anyone with a vehicle to you. Thanks to you and your guys for the recent repair to my truck. It handles lik a new truck again and i am sure that if it wasn't for you and your team diagnosing my steering problems and letting me know that there was more that needed repair than i knew, you just might have saved not only my life from a potential wreck, but anyone else if they were too close and my steering locked. Richard, give all your guys a well deserved pat on the back, they deserve it. And you, thank you my friend, for everything, i really appreciate all you have done for me.

Again, thank you guys so much. You are the best shop in Calgary.

Shawn Demers,