The Upgrade Specialists

Big Dog Performance is an Alberta based business dedicated to performance enhancing and tailoring light trucks to meet the needs of each of their clients. Working one on one with each client, Big Dog customizes each truck by helping customers evaluate and assess what upgrades are needed and what process will get your truck exactly where you want it to be. The perfect parts, upgrades and overall truck package don’t exist in the truck world, and Big Dog knows it. Usability and overall demand on the truck is what they know customization is all about, making them the number one contenders in Alberta for performance upgrades and customer service.

Getting the most out of your truck doesn’t happen without upgrades. Like any vehicle, boredom can set in mere months after the purchase of what you thought would satisfy your big truck desire. Depreciation and consistent upgrading through dealership trades is time consuming and expensive. Upgrading and turning your existing truck into a custom performance machine allows you to avoid the dealership trap and have your truck retain or gain value.

Increasing performance is obviously based on an individual’s preferences, but having a professional, insured technician work on your vehicle not only protects you as an owner but also insures safety. Often people try and build up their truck too quickly, mixing high performance parts with cheap imitations to save a quick buck, but leading to trouble down the line. A trained Big Dog Performance technician works with you to make a plan and accommodate a long term budget to ensure that by the end of the process you have a top end performance truck that is safe and has increased in overall value.

To ensure the highest level of service, Big Dog Performance only uses top quality performance parts, working with everything from aftermarket engines, transmissions, suspensions, performance products and accessories to improve the overall performance and usability of any truck.

Dominator 3.0

Carli Suspension is proud to offer you the highest performance Dodge suspension system on the market. The Dominator 3.0 is the end result of years of testing and development in the California and Mexico deserts, the Sierra Nevada mountains and the real world urban streets. This system utilizes 3 diameter shocks, the biggest available in an off the shelf suspension system, to bring you the best performing and most comfortable system ever.

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