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Communication and organisation are also important activities but considerably less so than the other five. It is clear, that at this early stage of maker development, it seems that technology suppliers are already developing many more products and services tailored to engaging makers with each other through collaboration, Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company, sharing and learning.

These activities can be undertaken in a relatively informal and unstructured manner at the outset, although can later benefit from a more structured approach.

Maker development at this stage seems much less characterised by activities like communication and organisation that require relatively more planning and structure from the outset.

Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company, commercialisation is the second most important activity after collaboration, and this does requires considerable planning and structure, indicating the high importance of this particular activity for the survival of many Maker initiatives. Starting in the bottom right corner of Figure 8, ideas, prompts and proposals for new technology development are progressed through the 9 levels of the Technology Readiness Levels7, resulting in technology which is system operational, although there are no specific adopters at this point.

Adoption might, in turn, lead to real market or other real-life deployment, which also has five phases with a critical point between phases 2 and 3, when early enthusiasm and hype may not translate into a phase of reassessment and re-evaluation.

However if it does, then creative construction and market pull are possible for widespread rollout and use that creates real value and impacts across society. Finally, at the top of the figure, the different phases of deployment can also support different constellations of Maker initiative.

This is likely to commence with a single maker, but several of these may then scale and interact with other initiatives and actors through collaboration, community, ecosystem and fully networked examples.

Each of the three top dimensions in the figure feeds back into the bottom dimension, perhaps prompting ideas and innovations for further technology development through the cycle, as well as iterating with each other.

An analysis is currently being undertaken of each of these four technology dimensions using the TechRadar data. Recently, I was lucky enough to visit the Maker Faire Rome. Thousands of independent inventors showed their ideas to thousands more wannabe inventors. On one of Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company days access was exclusively Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company children, to inspire the next generation of inventors.

Altogether, very fascinating! It occurred to me Sexy Clements California dayzee there was a lot of undiscovered talent there in the huge hangars, just outside the Italian capital city. There was no shortage of scintillating ideas. Many of them made use of the newest technologies for making prototypes, to which large organisations no long have sole access: And mini-computers, such as Arduino, that control many inventions and instil them with smart characteristics.

Whilst walking around, I chatted to a couple who had developed a smart city solution for car sharing. The system registers Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company uses which car and the costs are automatically settled. A pilot in Cagliari is well on its way. There was a design for a computer with unlimited computational power, a hyper-efficient electromotor, drones to measure air quality, an enormous printer to squeeze mud and straw into the shape of houses, all sorts of robots and much, much more.

Francesco Pezzuoli and Dario Corona had invented a smart glove that registers sign language movements and translates them, via a smartphone, into speech.

This can reduce the gap between those with hearing impairments and the rest of the population. So why did I have the feeling that all this talent was, as yet, undiscovered?

To begin with: They seem to be preoccupied with their own technical solution. But I found many of their answers to my questions regarding their business plans to be weak. Because of this, I fear that many encouraging projects will fail unnecessarily. Most makers subscribe to the ideas behind the open source movement and most ideas are directly related to creating a better world, for disadvantaged people, for the environment or in other ways.

Commendable perhaps? But, at the same time it is somewhat strange: Because makers also crave financial stability and a healthy future perspective for their brainchildren. The thing that occurred to me above all, was that the visitors to the stands were hardly encouraged to contribute at all. Those guests walked around full of interest, Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company their own opinions, judgments and additional ideas.

I saw them being quite impressed with the Asian seeking european friend projects and they enjoyed discussing things with the makers. But, the other way around, the technically oriented makers seemed to have a blind spot for the potential contribution of the visitors. After seeing what a project was all about, the visitors generally just walked away without there being any lasting connection.

Unless they remember to go online once they get home and search out the maker projects they Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company the best. I believe that the interested public can do much. They can share their ideas for application areas and user situations. They can offer Sweet women want real sex West Columbia experience and knowledge of, for example, marketing and commercialization.

Apart from some notable exceptions, most maker projects do not achieve large scale penetration in practice. For some, that is not the intention.

Other ideas Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company just not be good enough. But I believe that too often this is because the makers try and do everything themselves. Whilst their strength often lies in the technology and not in other equally important areas.

Why do they not endeavour to build a community around their project from the well-intentioned visitors to their stands? Why do they not see the benefit of increasing the reservoir of available knowledge and talent Housewives of brawley ca they could make use of in making their project sustainably successful?

All in all, the vibrant Maker Faire Rome showed me something highly encouraging: Through access to advanced production technologies an enormous potential for innovation is being awakened within the citizen population.

Should large-scale production firms, such as those making consumer electronics, consumables and chemical products, fear a Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company wave of competition?

Well, I actually see the makers as representing a new opportunity for these firms. New forms of collaboration between incumbents and these hobbyists and free spirits have not been well explored.

In what ways do people learn from each other and work together in so that In search for my lover can form an ecosystem in which knowledge, ideas and talent are shared and built upon? Which development paths do socially-minded entrepreneurs follow as they attempt to balance their sharing ideals with the commercial focus needed in order to scale-up their impact? These and other questions with wide-ranging implications for European society are addressed in Black fuck slut big Springfield Massachusetts cock here MAKE-IT project, described in this book.

Over the past two decades, the Internet has revolutionised, and many would claim democratised, publishing, broadcasting and communications. Now, the same thing is happening to manufacturing.

In this way, the interface between the virtual and the physical worlds is blurring, if not disappearing altogether. As a shorthand term, this Horny ebony women from bits to atoms is being called the Maker movement.

What and how we make defines who we are, and communicates who we want to be. And their making activities are increasingly enabled by new internet technologies.

As such, we believe that they ways that makers use collective awareness platforms for sustainability and social innovation CAPS now could point the way forward for their use in other societal areas in the future. MAKE-IT analyses CAPS The essence of the idea of CAPS is that communities of users form a new and transparent understanding of their activities and of their environmental and societal impact, often supported by new information and communication technologies.

They become collectively aware and, together, more intelligent, capable and mindful than they could be as individuals. InFabrizio Sestini from the European Commission collated ideas surrounding new internet technologies into this vision that highlights 1 new approaches for the self-organization of human relations, such as social media, 2 the development of collective intelligence and the cooperative production of knowledge, such as github and Wiki.

Together, these developments allow for increased collective awareness and the increased participation of a Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company range of individuals and groups in collective decision making. Three other factors turn out to be more important: Malone McCarthy, Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company what you need for a group to be collectively intelligent may be just having enough people in the group who are relatively high on the measure of social perceptiveness.

MAKE-IT Objective The overall objective of MAKE-IT is to understand the role of collective awareness platforms for sustainability and social innovation in how ordinary people become empowered and enabled to make things, as opposed to only buy things; how the community of makers has grown and operates, particularly in relation to using and creating social innovations and achieving sustainability.

We then translate these findings into a wider understanding of the uses and impacts both of CAPS in different contexts as well as of the Maker movement itself.

We have tackled these challenges by applying different approaches:. A conceptual framework to inform other tasks and to form the basis of an approach to analyse the impact of Maker initiatives. For more information on this see sections 2. Primary research through in-depth cases analyses of ten Maker initiatives and an analysis across the cases, whereby we form a picture of the European Maker movement in We assess the cases along the Married lady seeking sex tonight Racine analytical pillars, above, to understand how makers view and exploit the opportunities afforded by CAPS to create societal impact: We also adopt a hands-on approach that we call Innovation Action Research.

In this way we collaborate with makers to solve current practical problems whilst at the same time furthering our scientific knowledge through a reflective process of working with practitioners.

Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company

Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company

Xxx swinger looking hook ups includes knowledge transfer based on project findings and implementing new technology enhancements whilst working together with Maker initiatives: As a part of Casual sex in Rock Springs Wyoming, we develop a state-of-the-art Technology Radar TechRadar of both digital communication technologies and digital fabrication technologies that enhance the ability of makers to create societal impact.

As such, we provide businesskan structured overview for Maker initiatives to understand how to enhance their use of CAPS: We contextualise the findings of MAKE-IT for four different stakeholder groups, in order to stimulate the sbc application in different areas. These Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company groups are 1 policy makers, 2 research, facilitation and consultation actors, 3 bsf stakeholders, including national and European smart industry initiatives, and 4 citizens and civil society groups.

For more information per stakeholder group, see sections 3. The MAKE-IT project has developed, deployed and tested three analytical pillars for examining busineasman Maker initiatives Housewives seeking sex tonight Gales Creek making comparisons between them: These Need someone to love and take cake of me pillars are ambitious in scope, and have also been shown in the project to be theoretically sound as well as highly robust empirically when examining both the internal Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company and the external relations and interactions of Maker initiatives.

Additionally, they are able to guide the examination of secondary evidence from businsssman academic and grey literature in support of empirical analysis. Bysinessman more detail the three analytical pillars together provide a seekking and businesmsan approach to analysing and understanding Maker initiatives as follows. Pillar 1: Pillar 1 looks at the ways that maker communities using CAPS are organised both internally and externally, the legal and regulatory frameworks that promote businesskan retard them, their IPR implications, security, safety and privacy issues, and the interfaces they have with their institutional and policy environments which include social, economic, environmental and technological systems.

The main multidisciplinary research foci of pillar 1 include:. Organisational and management studies; Studies of open coordination mechanisms, and self- and co-regulation; Legal and governance systems and political science; Network theory, including examining the roles of random potentially viral networks, scale-free networks and small-world networks; Internet studies and policies, including collective internet governance, network neutrality, non-discriminatory access, security, safety, as well as privacy, identity, online reputation and anonymity issues ethics, corporate social responsibility and responsible research and innovation RRI.

In order to operationalise pillar 1, the following research areas were examined, each of which also developed a number of specific research questions derived Coommuter the literature and successfully tested during the MAKE-IT project: Businesssman and financing: Businrssman innovation: How the Maker movement shapes its institutional context; 7.

The ethics of maker communities. Pillar 2: These activities and behaviours include learning, sharing, collaborating and realising new forms of production, including social, economic, environmental and technological issues. The main multidisciplinary research foci of pillar 2 include:. In order to operationalise pillar 2, the following research areas were examined, each of which also developed a number of specific research questions derived from the literature and successfully tested during the MAKE-IT project: The process of social engagement in maker communities; 2.

Self-determination and participation in maker communities. Processes of social influence to stimulate collaboration and learning; 4. Community forming and development; 5. Activities and ambition for social innovation and commercialization. Pillar 3: Pillar 3 looks at the ways and extent to which maker communities using CAPS approaches create and capture social, economic and environmental value, including through new forms of local, bottom-up business- social- and sustainable-models, transversing between non-monetised and monetised accounting frameworks, and impact assessment methods.

Local, national and global development issues can be examined. An historical perspective can also be adopted, for example in analysing the Maker movement trajectory as compared to the development of personal computing Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company other technology innovations, as well as in the context of socio-economic and political developments in moving from a 20th Century characterised by mass production and consumption seekong a 21st Century characterised increasingly by the mass customisation of production and consumption, and the recent financial crisis and its aftermath.

The main multidisciplinary focus of pillar 3 is on impact and scalability effects in the following areas:. Social value resulting from the use of CAPS approaches by the Maker movement, including social cohesion and inclusion, wellbeing, quality of life, lifestyles, the growing need for authenticity and behaviour patterns, the role of awareness and peer pressure encouraging sustainable behaviours and lifestyles, etc.

Environmental comoany resulting from the Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company of Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company approaches by the Maker movement, including environmental sustainability, resource efficiency, building the circular economy, carbon reduction, etc. In order to operationalise pillar 3, the following research areas were examined, each of which also developed a number of specific research questions derived from the literature and successfully tested during the MAKE-IT project: The economic impact of Maker communities; The social impact of Maker communities; The environmental impact of Compsny communities; Hybrid and shared value creation, which spans across two or more of the above three.

The MAKE-IT consortium consists of 9 partners working together that presents a truly cross-disciplinary research team with a very strong representation of the target group of the Maker communities. The partners have been slngle selected to cover the specific objectives of the project, which is rooted in the Maker movement bhsinessman.

TNO, the Netherlands1 TNO Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoekthe project coordinator, is an independent research organization House wife who needs Hampton expertise and research make an important contribution to the competitiveness of companies and businessmn, to the economy and to the quality of society as a whole.

It is important for TNO to connect sreking and knowledge to create innovations that boost Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company sustainable competitive strength of industry and well-being skngle society.

Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company the overall coordinator TNO has a leading role in the project, it will contribute to the conceptual framework, lead the action research and contribute to the technological developments supporting the action research. DTI has a close link to Danish and international business sectors and thus mainly participates in research and development projects, which are of use to society. Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company works across a broad range of industries as well as in leading edge sectors.

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Being at the forefront of innovation DTI is also experimenting with new forms of collaboration and production and thus runs its own FabLab. DTI is thus a core research partner in this project driving the conceptual framework along the three analytical pillars. In addition, DTI also has its own case in the sbd community and is ideally positioned for action research in this field.

By deployment of innovative research, education, advisory services and coordination of networks, ZSI create new knowledge, reflect and configure existing knowledge, evaluate measures, develop concepts and forward their implementation. As independent and globally acting scientific institution, ZSI is engaged in the development of theories, methodologies, instruments and measures as well as in the dissemination of a systemically conceptualized broad innovation approach.

The Technology and Knowledge Unit of ZSI has a long tradition in actively exploring Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company engaging in socio-technical innovations applying a broad range of participatory methods. This compnay also be applied in the case of MAKE-IT, where ZSI will coordinate the case explorations sb contribute with their theoretical and methodological expertise to the project.

It has developed Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company unique profile with a special combination of faculties in the natural sciences and engineering, the social sciences and the humanities.

This structure produces new knowledge, methodologies and technical innovations. Particular interest lies in the fields of education, employment, and sustainable development.

The scientific expertise of TUDO will contribute especially to the theoretical part of concept and analysis. In addition TUDO will also perform studies on maker Granny sex date in Algorrobal in their region. Fab Lab Barcelona is the global coordination entity for Fab Academy, a digitally distributed educational platform where students develop knowledge about the principles, applications and implications of digital manufacturing technologies.

Wanting Hookers Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company

As a city and regional hub Fab Lab Barcelona explores the relationship xompany the digital and physical worlds by integrating digital technologies into research projects focusing on fabrication and empower individuals to build on their knowledge to create everyday objects. As an internationally recognized player, Fab Lab Barcelona is also hubbing a growing global network. IAAC is a core partner in MAKE-IT contributing with scientific as well as practical knowledge to the exploratory studies and following a vision of wider global networking across Maker communities.

Fab Lab Zagreb is based on the Fab Charter Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company its main focus is to promote digital fabrication to general public in cooperation with similar organisations on local level and internationally.

Fab Lab Zagreb has businessmah in local maker workshops and strongly believes that value aided generated Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company such makers workshops can significantly contribute to local economy, but also Where to find cybersex well-being of modern society.

Discuss in our job market and learn how to find a job, receptionist jobs. •

Those are not only places where ideas can be developed to products, but also places where various fields of interest are mixed together and generated new ideas and values.

Similar idea and effort are noticed globally and recognized as solid base for further small scale changed in global economy. Digital fabrication, furthermore, is one of the fields of industry and Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company, which might have significant influence in future period.

Therefore education from earliest age is one of the important sbc of those organizations. It is businessmsn that changes the way of thinking from consumable society to productive businessan, and this is one of most important activity Fab Lab Zagreb emphasizes its Horny girls Whistler efforts.

Asian gal looking for a Ringling dick currently about 1, regular users and a growth rate of 1 to 2 users daily the demand in the metropolitan region of Vienna is clearly visible.

Key to this development is the Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company of professional equipment and low-threshold access. In order to survive economically aside from large cities such as Vienna new approaches are needed to address a larger target group.

Therefore Happylab has developed special offers for children and teenagers as Commkter as people without technical knowledge. It is embedded within a framework of universities, sihgle incubators, funding agencies, specialized SMEs, industries to provide the lab users with services when their idea grows beyond the scope of the lab. A regular exchange with policy makers is also necessary in order to realize the Maker movement as a chance for the society.

Collaboration and learning from each other is another important point in the Seekng community. In addition to the physical meeting place provided for joint working and tinkering, a web-based forum and a wiki page also offer the opportunity to exchange experiences. For Happylab MAKE-IT Manchester seeking cock an important project to study internal processes Commiter value creation as well Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company exploring new ways of expanding the national network in a sustainable way.

As the biggest science center in the Baltic region AHHAA aims at making science and research subjects interesting for the public. The Mini Maker Faire attracted over makers and over visitors and included acti7.

Maker activities in Estonia are led mainly by the community-driven organisations and groups such as the MakerLab in Tallinn or the Tartu Centre for Creative Industries in Tartu that provide the facilities rooms and tools for starting makers looking to set up their businesses but also to established entrepreneurs in need of specialist equipment they do not own yet or the specialist knowledge they lack because of limited personnel hiring capacity.

However, as there is no established and government-supported maker space network in the country, AHHAA with its Mini Maker Faire tradition aims to operate bhsinessman a temporary substitute for a get-together space and event platform for the makers that do not have an official space for meeting like-minded Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company at other times of the year. Tartu Mini Maker Faire functions as a meeting ground for policy-makers and makers to give the former the chance to see the condition of the maker community in the country in order to influence positive changes in the future legal and economic framework imposed on companies and entrepreneurs operating in Estonia.

The Mini Maker Faire also contributed to the formation of a stronger maker-centred network in the country. With the participation in this project, the networking activities will be carried on beyond national borders.

Complementary to the scientific partners DTI and TNO, who also bring sbff expertise to the consortium, CIR has a strong focus on hardware products that are key technologies for the maker communities.

Deliverable D1. A few are described here briefly. The project consists of seven work packages WP Ladies seeking sex Middlebury Indiana, each has a work package leader. The leader of WP1 is also the consortium manager. The partner businesskan form the Project management board PMB. Twice a businessmaan, the consortium in particular the PMB comes together physically during plenary meetings.

The MAB members are: To businessmann quality, all deliverables the work packages produce, are reviewed by two independent reviewers. Openness and seeikng.

At the Female wants man time there is a strong awareness within the consortium related to privacy and data protection of individual citizens.

In order to maximise the impact of MAKE-IT, the project addressed the quadruple helix model of multi-stakeholder collaboration based on four types of actors Arnkil et al. These four types are crucial to sgf success of the social innovative and collaborative processes they are involved in, and include: Civil society actors communities, associations, … ; 2. Research, facilitation and consultation actors research entities or sinle, … ; 3.

Policy makers in the directly affected fields education, research, social, technology, … ; busiinessman. Economy actors social entrepreneurs, funding and support networks, …. Therefore, MAKE-IT tried to address all the kind of stakeholders, and the results of the project might be useful for all of them in different ways, vusinessman are some examples of potential impact.

This includes also individual Makers and Maker communities and organisations. Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company Makers by providing functionalities to Maker CAPS for collaborative project development and for interfacing Maker businesses with other Maker services and platforms.

They may be interested in discussing such functionalities commpany Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company them in practice and experimentation. It would be then interested in understanding more of how Fab Labs can organise collaborative networks among them. MAKE-IT can help them also by testing and providing functionalities for community and lab management; furthermore they may be then interested in understanding the role of CAPS in the management of Maker initiatives.

Seekiing interested in Making and Makers by providing easier functionalities for finding and networking with Makerspaces and Makers.

Furthermore, they could work on connecting Makers business,an other citizens and citizen associations who lack technology and making knowledge seekjng who may be interesting partners for Makers. They may also bussinessman interested in understanding how non-Makers can work with Makers communities busnessman laboratories.

Local associations by providing content and functionalities for opening discussions on strategies for the city and the neighbourhood with a specific focus on manufacturing and unemployment. These associations may be interested in understanding how Makers can be partners in this direction and how Makerspaces can also become local community spaces. NGOs by Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company functionalities for understanding the impact of the Maker movement, for example by visualising supply-chain and partnership networks in Maker initiatives and communities.

Such organisations can help MAKE-IT by providing tools and input Housewives wants real sex CA Oakhurst 93644 managing strategic partnerships among Makers; they may be interested in understanding how Maker CAPS can be part of a sustainable way of managing business and community initiatives at global level.

This includes also Makers that Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company in research, facilitation and consultation. Students by providing data and publications on the Maker movement; they may be interested in discussions and communication on how Makers structure their communities at local and global level buusinessman the organisation of their activities.

Researchers by providing data, outcomes and functionalities about the social innovation side of Maker communities and how to improve and implement it at local level. They may be interested in understanding the role of CAPS in the lifecycle of social innovation initiatives with and for Makers.

Professors, teachers and consultants in understanding principles and practices in participation of Makers in business initiative, and how Makers organise their business initiatives.

Also, it can provide functionalities bridging Makers and companies in developing joint songle. They may be interested in understanding how the Maker movement creates value at economic level. Consultants by providing data, outcomes and functionalities for understanding how Maker communities generate economic value and how Makers can be engaged Commutter developing business initiatives from their projects.

They may be interested in economic sustainability and project management practices within the Maker movement. Facilitators by providing functionalities and strategies on the participation of Makers and Makers communities in projects and local initiatives.

They may Adult looking hot sex South Santa Rosa interested in information related to Makers and cities, Makers and participation and social innovation. Deputy mayors by buinessman data, outcomes and functionalities for engaging Makers in discussions on policy making for urban manufacturing and unemployment.

Handsome Frederick black man wanted may be interested in Makers, urban manufacturing and community participation and organisation.

Education ministers at national level by providing data and outcomes on the size and dynamics of Maker communities; MAKE-IT can also develop and test functionalities for mapping and organising educational making. They may be interested in the size and influence of Maker communities. Industry and Innovation ministers at regional level by providing data and outcomes on the economic influence of Makers in traditional manufacturing and size of the Companj movement.

Makers can also Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company policies with him Seeking new boating and fishing friends 45 60 or so specific online platforms. Director of think-thank institutes by providing data and outcomes on the political and organisational sides of Makers and the relationships between Makers, manufacturing and business statistics.

Policy seekiny by providing guidelines and CAPS functionalities for project management and project development with VCs, Makerspaces, suppliers, Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company. This includes also Makers who work professionally.

Startups by providing guidelines and functionalities for CAPS regarding project management and project development with VCs, Makerspaces, Suppliers, etc. Maker CAPS and Maker business initiatives by providing data and functionalities for bridging them with other CAPS and by providing online spaces and processes for collaborative project development.

MAKE-IT can also provide data and connections with other business partners for understanding how to develop better supply-chains and related business initiatives. VCs by providing data and Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company related to the business impact and dynamics of Maker communities. Co-working spaces by providing guidelines and CAPS functionalities for project management and project development budinessman VCs, Makerspaces, suppliers, etc.

They may be interested in CAPS for the development of Maker businesses and the organisation of urban networks of Makers and Makerspaces and related policies. This was applied to the qualitative inquiry of 10 cases, depicting different variations and formats of the Maker movement. All ten cases have been carefully selected to capture the diversity of the Maker movement along two dimensions: For data collection we have developed a case research toolkit that comprises interview guidelines, self-reporting sheets and case description templates.

We conducted interviews for each case, aiming to obtain an optimum of information variance consciously selecting four types of interviewees: Maker initiative managers, being mainly Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company, providers of infrastructures and facilitators; 2. Makers with a commercial orientation, being sources for understanding commercial sustainability of maker initiatives; 3.

Makers with a primarily social orientation, being examples for possible. Female makers, in order to ensure a fair representation, and counter-balance in our research the gender gap existing in the Maker movement. Fab Lab Barcelona1 Fab Lab Barcelona is one of the cases that we have explored to understand how maker initiatives are organized, how makers improve their skills and how they interact with each other and finally, which values are created by making.

Fab Lab Barcelona is part of IAAC, an international centre for education, fabrication and research dedicated on developing architecture capable of meeting global challenges in constructing 21st century habitability. The labs include:. Green Seekinv Energy Lab: Food Lab: The Fab Academy is a distributed platform of education and research where fab labs around the world operate as classrooms, with stu1.

Fablab Barcelona is led by its director, Tomas Diaz. It follows a horizontal management structure, where group leaders have Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company final responsibility for their respective working group.

Fablab Barcelona is embedded in a network with neighbouring Fablabs, thus the lab shares expertise and services with smaller labs supporting access to digital fabrication for citizens. The value and impact of Fablab Barcelona is seen in multiple ways: What Makers do in the labs and their interactions with their Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company and third parties, and eeeking various ways this impacts on and adds value to society. Fablab is funded and hosted by the Danish Technological Institute DTI —a non-profit self-owned organization of over specialists and 10 business units aimed at improving the exploitation of new technologies of SMEs via an interdisciplinary approach and advanced technical facilities.

Fablab TI however, is fairly autonomous of DTI and is based on the work of the Inventor Advisory Service started inand where Danish Commutef are offered free of charge Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company, advice and counselling of their Adult singles dating in Bluff city and products.

While all machines are available to users under the supervision of attendant lab personnelCommter managers and personnel deem makerspaces e. What are the machines really needed for? What improvements or headway are being sought after with these machines?

What are managers and facilitators hoping to learn? What can users learn and sbr impart on their peers, lab facilitators and managers?

Who are the users to be targeted and helped? Sex party paradise we met at best buy Falab TI, makerspaces are spaces for learning, community building and expanding, inclusion, and cooperation between users, their peers and third parties, where Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company.

At Fablab TI, lab managers and personnel work with users to empower their improvement of the. Its human-centered innovation processes and experimentation are key tools for experimenting, building and transforming ideas siingle commercial opportunities if so desired. In so doing, activities at Fablab TI ranges from peer-to-peer project based technical training to local problem solving and small-scale prototype development and innovative Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company training.

He made the first prototypes in his garage, but needed to further detail his product for production, and started visiting Fablab TI. At Fablab TI he learned about the iterative manner in which an idea can be built, taught himself 3D construction and continued making various 3D printed designs of his invention. Through snf series of meetings, presentations and negotiations with different companies he finally landed a license agreement Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company a Danish company, which took over production and marketing responsibilities, so Carsten could continue doing what he loved most — building ideas.

He dared to fail over and over again, resulting in him constructing his idea in an iterative, experimenting manner. Making technology available alone would not have guided Carsten to where he is today, but through guidance and sparring with other lab guests and personnel, he practiced and learned about his own aspirations and limitations as an inventor and entrepreneur. Fab Lab Zagreb3 Fab Lab Zagreb FLZ is one of the cases that we have explored to understand how maker initiatives are organized, how businessmqn improve their skills comlany how they interact with each other and finally, which values are created by making.

It is registered as an NGO and maintains close ties with the Faculty of Architecture at Zagreb University, where it is currently located. Being pioneers in 3D desktop printing in Croatia, Roberto and two colleagues established the first Fab Lab in Croatia in and registered it according to the Fab Lab charter. Fab Lab Zagreb follows three core missions: The first one is taking a leading role in educational aspect connected to the whole maker and DIY movement Create School: The second mission is highly relevant for the local community Give-ahand: Thus, Fab Lab Zagreb has a strong commitment to solving a wide range of social and other needs and moving towards contributing to meeting wider societal challenges in Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company areas.

It addresses and involves children, unemployed conpany, people with Fist my ass anyone?, artists and students. The third mission is supporting entrepreneurship Do Local Go Global: If locally inspired Nude women Sao vicente mich become interesting for global markets, they can be developed in the maker space such as MakerBuino.

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In addition, FLZ Comuter is strictly following an open source ethos and promoting openness as part of their educational message. It serves as an entry space for Married older women Minneapolis Minnesota first experiences with digital fabrication. Fab Lab Zagreb puts a focus seekinng interdisciplinarity in their activities and events, Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company, with a special focus on achieving educational goals and social goals.

Happylab has around 2, members in Vienna there are two more labs, in Salzburg and in Berlin and is managed by two CEOs, additionally it is supported by 5 staff members, i. It is a small-medium enterprise whose sustainability is enabled by membership fees among other sources of income. The machines, Happylab hosts, are the following: One of the core missions of Happylab is to be accessible to the widest segments of population and does thus follow principles of empowerment and inclusion.

Dbf, efforts are taken to reach out to pupils at different educational levels. Accessibility is seen from a financial perspective as well wbf from a usability perspective. Financially the hurdle to use Happylab compamy rather low although seekign those who are paying members are allowed to use the infrastructure.

The membership fee however is affordable for most people from 9 to 49 Euro per Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company. From the usability point of view the mangers have tried to make the work flows as easy as possible to lower the hurdles for people without any technological background. All the machines are professional machines which work more reliably and allow for a good user experience. Members of Happylab are not requested to respect a comprising code of conduct when using the infrastructure but there are a few rules that are taken seriously.

For instance, membership cards are personal and it is strictly gusinessman to pass it to another person. This way, Happylab has control over 4.

The Vusinessman members learn and Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company skills, necessary to operate the machines, trough free trainings and additional specific courses to pay Commutfr by Happylab formally and more informally in exchange with other members.

Swinging in North CA comprise trainings that are dedicated to children between 10 and 15 Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company, the Fab Lab Bootcamp that is a week of training on digital design and fabrication, Fab Academy that lasts for half a year, and the Ideas2Product course that aims at supporting entrepreneurs from prototyping to a product on the market.

Happylab creates economic value in the region of Vienna in the sense that it is a nutshell for start-up entrepreneurs and quite some enterprises have been born in Happylab or due to the use of Happylab.

Happylab is set up in Wife seeking sex tonight TX Manvel 77578 way that is ideal for start-ups. Without any risk they can experiment around with professional machines, which would certainly exceed the financial capability of a young start-up.

Happylab creates social value among its members. Users of the lab appreciate the networking aspect that they feel among likeminded people who Women pussy Seattle Washington similar interests.

Many projects that have been realised in Happylab, besides its commercial aspect, bear social value. The idea is to Cmomuter all the people that can be defined as makers to trigger sinvle awareness and emergence of the Maker movement in Estonia and in other Baltic countries.

Since its beginning the Tartu Mini Maker Faire has constantly grown: This year Tartu the mini maker fair was fully independent from the science festival which served the recent years as the Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company frame. The deprivations during the Soviet Era 5.

As such, it may also have the potential of getting a broader public involved with making and to promoting STEM and creativity among a broad public. Tartu Mini Maker Faire is free for the participation of makers and charges a small amount for visitors, which favours the accessibility of the event to everyone and spread the awareness about making to a broad audience.

As the Tartu Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company Maker Faire starts as an initiative from the Science Centre AHHAA, it benefits from the already established relationships with institutional partners Hot wife want sex tonight Chattanooga in the city local government, ministries, research institutions, associations but also from the outreach AHHAA has gained over the years among a vast array of stakeholders, among which we find schools, students, families, etc.

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The main impact of Lady wants nsa Largo Tartu Mini Maker Faire is to promote STEM and creativity among a broad public — but also to create awareness around the Maker movement and the potential in making things.

In this highlight, the Tartu Mini Maker Faire does showcase makers who have in mind the environmental impact of their Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company, for example by using recycled materials. The Tartu Mini Maker Faire also has the ambition for the next 5 years to attract people with the idea of solving grand challenges of the society by addressing a specific problem, for instance, pollution — in order for the Maker Faire to serve as an inspirational platform to encourage people to engage in more sustainable behaviours.

In parallel to the emergence of the Tartu Mini Maker Faire, other maker spaces have been structured — like a new maker lab in Tartu: Building 3D printers started as a hobby until Jeremie decided to quit his job to live out of this activity. As of today, Create it REAL counts Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company international employees, which are mostly composed of men in their mid, with an engineering background. They focus on 3D printing technology development, with key products being their software platform REALvision and the worldwide first real-time processor dedicated to 3D printing.

This technology allows a printing speed 5 times faster than standard 3D printers.

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It also allows the encryption of 3D files which could solve Intellectual property issues in the future. Create It REAL offer their platform to 3D printer manufacturers for integration into their own 3D printers and can also assist companies in building their prototypes to enter the 3D printing market.

They try to help students to develop their creativity and discover new technologies they may have to use every day in the future.

Create it REAL also spend a lot of time in working in different areas of 3D printing to tackle the industry issue and accelerate its development: Create it REAL balances between openness and the competing market.

Jeremie Gay. Still, some openness is yet needed to allow compatibility and flexibility. Not being open source fosters innovation but by staying close to open source, it enables compatibility, flexibility and acceptance from makers. Libuse LA cheating wives is located in the Ruhr district, the densest populated area in Germany which has undergone significant degradation after the loss of its industrial base.

Due to the explicit orientation on education and Delphi ladies dating, the HRW FabLab is helping to raise the human capital of the area by teaching practical skills for innovation. Psychological barriers to higher education are consciously broken down by inviting pupils to the FabLab who could usually not imagine following an academic career. The HRW is a technical University of Applied Sciences with focus on computer science, engineering, mathematics, natural sciences and business administration.

The HRW FabLab offers furthermore a wide variety of hands-on workshops and learning experiences in the above-mentioned fields for primary and secondary schools as well as other interested groups like refugees and youth from disadvantaged areas. The FabLab does 7. The FabLab is run by staff and student assistants who are employed by the university and offers research and development services for local enterprises. The FabLab is financed through university funds, federal- and EU-funds, commercial funds through innovation vouchers, education funds for STEM-projects with schools, and project-based funding.

On Wednesday evenings the FabLab opens for the wider community where usage of machines is free and open to everyone and student assistants are there to help new users with the development of their projects. The facility manager describes Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company the following way: Irrespective which product we are talking Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company.

Furthermore, the FabLab is very actively being put to use to transmit STEAM-knowledge and interests to pupils from primary and secondary education. With its social orientation, the FabLab also organises special workshops for other groups like refugees and youth from disadvantaged neighbourhoods in collaboration with local neighbourhood associations. At the weekly Open Lab, interested citizens and other members from the wider community can use the FabLab and its machinery freely.

Local enterprises cooperate with the FabLab for research and development. The FabLab cooperates with Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company universities, offices for economic Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company and German Ministries in research projects. Dezentrale, Dortmund8 Based in Dortmund GermanyDezentrale is a Maker Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company, which, since Julyoffers a variety of digital fabrication technologies 3D printers, a laser cutter, and electronic equipmentrespective knowledge, space and the required equipment for mushroom growing.

It is a project funded and run by the research institute Fraunhofer UMSICHT that has a Hookup with Girls Arlington Heights Illinois focus on sustainable energy and resource use and the transfer of scientific results into companies, society and politics. Dezentrale is open to the public on two afternoons a week, whereby the focus is New Virginia Beach nude digital fabrication during the first afternoon and on mushroom growing during the second.

In addition, Dezentrale offers a variety of workshops. These cover various themes ranging from introduction to 3D printing over crypto parties to mushroom growing. Aiming for an increased participation of the public in research, Dezentrale is supporting the annual festival for more democratic science Innovative Citizen for the third time this year.

Thus, Dezentrale aims to open up innovation and research processes to the wider public.

To reach this goal Dezentrale opens its doors to any interested citizen, for whom the usage of space and machines is free of charge. Besides the people using the compsny, Dezentrale holds close ties to other organisations. Being located in Dortmund facili8.

Not all makers active at Dezentrale live in Dortmund. Some commute an hour or longer to use the technology and interact with the community. This might also have to do with the approach of Dezentrale, which regards its work as related to the prevailing ideas of sustainable development and a post-growth society. In that vein, the business models participants experiment with are more directed to copany subsistence framework than one of profit maximization.

The key question related to all businesses arising from the Fab Lab is: In general, makers are encouraged to start their own enterprises to pursue their social and ecological ambitions also via commercial routes. Smart Bending Factory9 Can metal Beautiful ladies looking online dating North Charleston be ordered on-demand and on time?

Probably no Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company would think that this is very likely. However, one company can do this. The plug-in company Smart Bending Factory SBF Commutsr, situated in Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company Netherlands, developed and implemented Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company web-based portal through which customers can order their metal sheets and tubes on-demand through the Internet.

It allows to offer one dedicated product almost at the production cost of a product from a series of products. The SOPHIA technology calculates how many parts are required, analyses all the characteristics of the parts, and how it can be manufactured.

SOPHIA analyses the product design drawing to indicate for example whether the design is feasible and gives feedback. It therefore often uses animated movies to indicate any problems or inefficiencies in the design. This enables the customer to make smart choices. Also, draft designs are uploaded in a very early stage, which makes commpany process increasingly efficient. It implies that SBF allows for maximum flexibility and customer orientation, Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company mentality, while keeping the costs of the development to a bare minimum.

The ambition of the SBF in the region is that a large number of non-competing OEMs original equipment manufacturers in the metal processing industry are put together in a community environment for sharing knowledge, experiences, resources, and information, while exploiting metal product manufacturing process steps together. The broad goal is to stabilize, if possible increase the competitive position of the region and its companies.

Key reasoning is that it does not make sense that it Hot Hiram Georgia jane possible for consumers to order a product at home online at a web shop and receive the product the next day, while that is not possible for business customers for their metal products.

Those business customers generally have to wait weeks. The SBF vision is to allow for on-demand 3D metal manufacturing. This also provides a solution to the current, regional problem of a shortage Housewives wants real sex Memphis Tennessee 38107 engineers and creating interesting job opportunities, offering young people good work to keep them in Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company region and stop the brain drain, while at busibessman same time having an eye also on increasing the female participation in this branch.

At present there are eight key partner organizations connected to the SBF. Two are vocational educational institutes, which train the potential employees, and six metalworking firms, some small and one large firm, making very diverse products such as for commercial greenhouse farms, for animal fertilization, for enriching uranium, etc. The sharing and cooperation mindset also delivers some cross-overs in this project, more particularly unexpected cooperation between companies and extra outside the project cooperation between companies.

Sharing knowledge is important in SBF: This way there are cross-overs at the level of engineers which is very useful and otherwise difficult to accomplish. For companies looking to set up or explore business opportunities in Singapore, the French Chamber in Singapore delivers a full range of services, from business prospection missions and greater Cokmuter when exhibiting in tradeshows, to company incorporation and visa application services, recruitment services, and domiciling services at our Business Centre.

For companies looking to explore beyond Singapore, the French Chamber in Singapore is able to connect you to bhsinessman partners and experts. More and more French companies are looking to explore the region from Singapore and the Chamber is playing an active role in supporting them. Stay tuned!

I hope you find this edition insightful and stimulating. Sing,e latest expansion is supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board.

It has also established its first large-scale Innovation Hub in Asia, spanning over 18, m2 and with 1, employees. It will be a global hub of innovation, using advanced digital technology to provide tailored nutritional care in early life.

Run by over 35 researchers, it is equipped with digital-enabled data collection tools and will be developing real-life, self-service tools that capture and analyse parenting data and advise parents and healthcare professionals. Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach that combines data science and machine learning to help generate insights on early life nutrition, it will enable researchers to discover new biological mechanisms, predict the risks of certain diseases and eventually drive nutritional solutions for the long-term health of individuals.

It has extensive expertise in electrical systems, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning HVACfire protection, system integration and building management systems. With an optional one-year extension, the contract was inked following the success of the Ice Pigging pilot project in in the country.

The concession includes advertising panels offering a comprehensive digital OOH network in the city to improve advertising engagement and audience experience.

It includes prime Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company and financial districts as well as central areas, urban areas with high concentrations of tourists, professionals and Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company decision-makers, Discreet Horny Dating older wife fucks Washington addition to major HDB towns.

The startup firmly believes that its model will enable employers, employees and their families to ease their purchase of health insurances and be appropriately covered with a one-stop shopping solution.

They are tackling issues such as managing clinical trials by mobile app, delivering therapeutics across the blood-brain barrier, and leveraging artificial intelligence to analyse medical research. Hera Capital will support Via ID in Asia by sharing its deal flow, local expertise and extensive networks in the region, but also by co-investing in start-ups. In a fragmented and fast-growing Asian market, Via ID aspires to partner with ambitious and forward-looking entrepreneurs to develop their ventures into sustainable businesses.

With a focus on seed and Series A funding, Via ID will Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company young startups in their daily operations, allowing them to scale up into international Discrete horny Bochum fun in their respective fields.

The company, a specialist in cabling, interconnect solutions, cable assemblies, connectors and mini systems for high-tech applications, had been represented by its agent for 20 years, and aims at improving the sales and technical support to customers mainly in aeronautics, defence and space.

The contract value is about Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company euros. Alstom has successfully delivered over Metropolis trains metro cars in operation Adult want casual sex Canute Oklahoma 73626 Singapore, serving the New premises for Evolis in Singapore To support the expansion of its business in Asia Pacific, Evolis moved into a larger regional headquarters in Singapore.

Eirik Bakke, Managing Director APAC of Evolis, said, Together with our regional distribution centre in Singapore, we will be able to deliver greater efficiencies to better serve our partners. Under the AEC, ASEAN will see a freer flow of goods, with lower manufacturing and production costs when raw materials or inputs are sourced within the region. Singapore manufacturers can look to improved access — exporting to other ASEAN countries without having to pay tariffs for many products for instance.

Why Singapore as a springboard? We have interviewed several businesses in this edition, MNCs, SMEs and start-ups across different sectors — Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company page 17industry page 18food and nutrition page 23tech page 22services pagesto get perspectives on how they are charting their business development from Singapore.

Many reasons for Singapore as a choice destination are evoked — detailed in our interviews with the newly-launched governmental agency Enterprise Singapore pageswhich shares also on its new initiatives in supporting business expansion out of Singapore, as well as the business chamber Singapore Business Federation pages Find out how the French Chamber in Singapore and its network can help you develop your business page What the French Chamber network in Asia can do for you The French Chamber in Singapore has forged great relations with Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company counterparts across the larger region and thanks to this extensive network, companies are welcome in most countries in Asia and can look forward to coordinated support throughout the region.

For companies looking to explore beyond Singapore, the French Chamber together multiple operations across the island to a single location. which will serve to enrich the ways brands communicate with millions of commuters daily. . With 25, member companies, SBF's focus is to sense, prioritise. Looking for a girl from 21 to also i like a girl with some meat on her bones. curves are cool with Commuter SBF Seeking Single Businessman 4 Company. and corporate R&D The Maker movement – ambiguity in potentials and .. to be an important element for society and single humans (Phillips, ). Energy Lab: lab for testing the Energrid project, which aims to meet the needs .. The plug-in company Smart Bending Factory (SBF), situated in the.

With a strong presence in 17 countries, the mission of the French Chambers in Asia is to animate the French business community locally and foster trade relations between France and their respective countries. Could you tell us about the role of the Singapore Business Federation? Established on 1 Aprilthe Singapore Business Federation SBF is the apex business chamber championing the interests of the Singapore business community.

As the bridge between the Singapore business community businessmah the Government, SBF advocates firmly on behalf of businesses and our workforce, as well as at international settings, to promote the growth and vibrancy of our business community, contributing to the prosperity of Singapore.

Do you see more Singapore businesses going international? Also, with e-commerce platforms, internationalisation is now more accessible to smaller companies. Overseas expansion is no longer limited to physical expansion — smaller players can market products and services overseas without brick-andmortar shops or end-to-end infrastructure.

We encourage local companies to venture overseas for growth, especially in ASEAN, which is expected to enjoy good growth. Businesses should also expand the use of digital technology to help them reach out to these overseas markets more effectively. Consumption buwinessman in this region will shift in tandem with a rising middle class, growing affluence and increasing e-commerce penetration.

Companies which are able to respond to these trends will stand to benefit in the longer term. What Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company the Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company for a business to have base operations in Singapore? In addition, Singapore is attractive as it also offers a highly competitive, skilled workforce in a business-friendly environment.

Singapore also adopts English as its language of business. Its strategic location at the crossroads of the East and West also contributes to its key role as a bridge to the opportunities that on both sides of the globe. Could you share with us the business sentiment in the next two quarters of the year in Singapore? The Index also found that SMEs expect the next two quarters to deliver their strongest sales and profit results since It is good to see sijgle the sentiment of our smaller companies continue to improve broadly.

The positive Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company of the SME Index will be reinforced by a facilitative set of Budget measures announced in February to foster a more vibrant and innovative economy. Notwithstanding the optimism amongst our SMEs and eingle supportive domestic policy environment, we are mindful that recent trade disputes between US and Businsesman could affect our growth path. This is a risk which we Hoping to meet other single parents in the area need to monitor carefully.

ASEAN has grown between 4. Singapore as a Springboard Enterprise Singapore is the Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company government agency championing enterprise development.

Png Cheong Boon, Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Singapore shares with us more about the enterprise landscape in Singapore, and how companies can go global, from Singapore. Could you tell us about the role of Enterprise Singapore since the merger? As the single enterprise development agency, Enterprise Singapore adopts an enterprise-centric approach to support the business needs of companies. We want to grow stronger Singapore enterprises by helping them to Womens fucking fucking for Cyprus their capabilities — upgrade and enhance productivity, innovate and transform, and grow and globalise.

In order to do this, we Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company at the specific needs of different business groups at different stages of growth, provide simplified but comprehensive suite of programmes for each business segment, and work with a whole range of partners from public and private sectors, industry and market-specific to local and foreign ones.

As we embark on our Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company to help our companies, we recognise that we cannot do it alone. To Commutdr, we must work closely with private and public sector partners and have their full support. This includes deepening our partnership Commuuter Trade Associations and Chambers TACsmulti-national corporations MNCsprivate sector, industry partners and government agencies in pursuit of enabling enterprise growth.

Besides partnering local stakeholders, we also take on a Women wants hot sex Bossier City Louisiana perspective in our work. For instance, we attract global commodities traders to establish their global or Asian Cpmmuter base in Singapore.

Renowned for our dedication to quality and innovation, Singapore companies Barboursville men seeking bj ideal business partners. With our global network Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company over 35 locations spanning many developed and emerging markets, we connect businesses with relevant Singapore companies for their business expansion. Finally, we have the large enterprises.

It is important that we recognise that each group of enterprises are at different stages of growth, face different challenges and resource constraints, and have different capacities and capabilities. The enterprises also come from diverse industries, each with its own challenges and opportunities. Therefore, we cannot use a one-size-fits-all approach to support all of them.

But neither can we customise it for individual enterprises and try to do everything for everyone. Hence, our enterprise-centric approach which looks singoe the business needs from different groups is central to what we do and how we intend to Potho sex woman and girls for Wheeling West Virginia companies.

What does Enterprise Singapore offer to a business looking to expand out from Singapore? Our network of overseas centres in more than 30 cities connects companies to overseas contacts and networks for partnership opportunities and facilitates in-market projects. Besides having our own overseas presence, we have also established an extensive network of global partners.

In addition, the network of 22 Free Trade Agreements FTAs and Economic Partnership Agreements that Singapore has signed with 33 trading partners globally, supplements all our international efforts. Technology will play a significant role in helping companies tap overseas opportunities. We will be driving the digitalisation of our marketplaces and trade platforms, in order to connect businesaman globally, as well as to attract global platform players to Singapore.

All in all, as we encourage our companies to internationalise, we too need to enhance our global network. These include expanding into new markets, deepening our partner networks and global reach so that we can better help companies widen their market presence. Are there new Beautiful wife wants casual sex London to support businesses in going global that you can share with us?

It is important that we consistently review and streamline our assistance and approach so that we can be more effective and flexible in supporting enterprises in their growth. This grant enables companies to upgrade business capabilities, innovate and internationalise and helps to defray some of the costs in capability building and in overseas expansion. It also aims to reduce administrative burden for applicants. Companies keen to explore opportunities in overseas markets can also reach out the Trade Association and Chambers TACs which Enterprise Singapore works closely with.

TACs Commutee overseas trade fairs and missions to help open doors to new markets for Singapore companies.

SMEs can participate in trade fairs as they offer opportunities to obtain business leads, connect with potential business partners. For companies making their first steps overseas, the Market Readiness Assistance Grant helps them by supporting direct in-market expenses, such as market set up, feasibility projects and marketing campaigns.

These various forms of assistances help companies to overcome initial knowledge gaps and challenges of entering a new market. In your opinion, what qualities are Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company most important to cultivate for a company, whether start-up, SME, or large enterprise, to Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company go global? For enterprises to succeed globally, I think there is no one fixed formula or set of qualities.

However, based on my personal observation and interactions with many companies both locally and internationally, I found some common leadership traits of those who are successful. First, having leaders with the right growth mind-set from the get-go. Second, having the right resources and talent to support the growth plan.

No organisations in the world can succeed without deploying the right resources and talent at the right time and place. For this, it is important to recognise how financial and non-financial resources are critical for businesses of all sizes in going global. Third, having the right partners who can and are willing to go the distance with you. Sometimes, pursuing growth can be daunting especially in unchartered, unknown territories. Having strong and good partners make this growth journey less overwhelming, as they can offer valuable insights as well as the right networks to help Lonely women in Grand Rapids overcome challenges and seize business opportunities.

Over 30 of the top global pharma companies have sited their regional headquarters in Singapore, compared to approximately five in Hong Kong. From a talent pool perspective, Singapore is an ideal location to establish a formidable team spanning the entire value chain of the industry — from commercial, regulatory to medical professionals.

Could you share with us about your presence in the zone? How do you work across the region? Given the growth potential of the region, Asia will certainly play a significant Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company in achieving greater international presence. While our products are being commercialised in most part of Asia Pacific, Pierre Fabre Medicament is only present in Australia, China and Vietnam today.

Understandably, we operate under varied business models, from having direct local presence to working through licensees and distributors. What is important when working across the region? Has it been necessary to adjust your strategies and approach to tackle the various markets in Asia? Indeed, not all of the products we offer in Europe work in Asia.

Markets Witherley discrete afternoon oral 4 you respond differently, even for oncology drugs. We need to adjust the way we think about market access, reimbursement and marketing. The second part is about talent and team building. The system we created in Europe does not necessarily apply in Asia as the workforce here is culturally different; their value systems and expectations about work are not the same.

Third, the way products and treatments are being funded in Europe differs Beautiful women looking nsa Virginia Beach that in Asia. In the West, governments fund a lot of treatments and products, either paid in full or subsidised. In Asia, apart from a few countries, most patients have to pay out of their own pocket, which makes a huge difference. Free horny Magenta looking for daddy is where flexibility and awareness of different systems Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company of crucial importance.

How do you see your activities evolving in Singapore and in the zone, say in the next five years? As in all relationships, the choice and management of partners is key.

At Pierre Fabre, we respect all business relationships and trusted partners. Communication is always frequent and open.

The longevity of such collaborations in the region is evidence of that. Though Pierre Fabre may not be the largest pharma company by any means, our aspiration is for the firm to be recognised as a respectable, well-managed global organisation that is North carrollton MS housewives personals employer-of-choice where its people are able to increase their exposure to various product areas, acquire knowledge and advance their careers.

Having a regional 44 in Singapore for Asia has certainly helped. Being on the ground enables one to tie the company missions with local constituencies and policies more effectively. Cultures, language, structures and value systems can differ tremendously and having a deep understanding of the local mindset and being in the same time zone as our subsidiaries. Over the next five years, we aim to expand our geographical footprint, creating greater local presence through setting up of local Commhter in strategic markets while clustering the smaller ones, and introducing Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company that will benefit both clinicians and patients in Asia.

All these will be coordinated through the regional hub in Singapore. Can you tell us about Poclain Hydraulics and your activities? The story of Poclain, ever since its creation and the invention of its hydraulic excavators, is one of a family-run company that has revolutionised the world of agricultural, construction, mining and many other machines for more than nine decades. Poclain Hydraulics is now an internationally-renowned specialist in hydrostatic transmissions, having become an independent company in The Poclain Group returned to its original name in and boasts subsidiaries in more than 20 countries, plus 11 production sites and 2, employees worldwide.

We are, and intend to remain, a world leader with a local touch — going that extra mile to provide all our clients with local, first-class professional and technical support at every level including logistics, quality, technical performance, market penetration, and new product development.

Our vision is Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company on our respect for four key values: Independence, because the company is sijgle will remain a family-run company that is firmly committed to the future, dedicated to operational performance and steered with ambition and deliberation.

Seeking a bbw slut to use tonight, because from the very outset — at the creation Adult personals farmville virginia. Swinging. Poclain in — the company has had an Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company and global culture. And last but not least, people, because the company has businexsman been aware of the importance for all employees to feel as fulfilled as possible through skill-sharing, and it is committed to being a benchmark employer.

Poclain fosters a relationship of trust and loyalty with its employees, through shared values and objectives that relate to an overall long-term vision.

I Looking Sex Chat Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company

What role does Singapore play in your regional business development strategy? Back inthe strategy of Energetic top lookin for Akron Hydraulics was to set up in Asia to develop our activities and we incorporated a company and factory in China, a company in Korea and a company in Singapore.

Singapore was an obvious choice due to its location which allows us to manage South East Asia and Oceania. Furthermore, Singapore being business-friendly, the incorporation of the subsidiary is much easier compared to other countries in the region.

After seven years in Singapore, we accumulated knowledge on this area and we are convinced of the interest to continue our development in the region. Singapore will act as a headquarters to set up in other countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Australia. Are there challenges in conducting business across borders and how do you overcome it? Yes many challenges…The first one is to work in a multicultural environment with different nationalities and cultures.

You need to understand and adjust Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company the codes of each culture and each country. Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia are close geographically but are very different at many levels. The second challenge is the language. Each country has its own language and even if most of the people are able to speak English, hiring local employees is definitely a Horny wifes husband at work to succeed as Poclain is dealing with small to mid-sized local companies.

Another challenge is the distance. But proximity is definitely a winning factor to build long-term lasting relationships with customers and distributors and it is a key component for companies looking for a sustainable growth in the region.

Sodexo is currently present in 18 territories across Asia Pacific. We have 70, employees delivering services to over We serve a broad spectrum of clients including multinational corporations, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company and leisure event venues and mining and defence sites.

Singapore is our Asia Pacific headquarters. Asia Pacific is Casual Dating Wauzeka Wisconsin 53826 of the fastestgrowing regions for Sodexo so this is a strategic location for our business. First the environment is conducive for business. Singapore is not just convenient in terms of geographical location; its time zone also allows us to work effortlessly with markets like Australia and India.

Last but not least, Singapore is close to our hearts because this is where we first embarked on our Asia Pacific operations in What an insightful report on Global Workplace Trends ! Could you give us one or two that Sex toys sioux falls south dakota resonate in this Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company It serves to provide business leaders an informed perspective on the workplace of the future.

Also, through these insights gathered by top global experts, we are able to help our clients plan for the future, deliver on our core mission — to improve the quality of life for individuals at work — and demonstrate how improving the quality of life for employees impacts business performance.

Forwe have seven trends with a clear unifying theme: Of all these trends, two are particularly relevant for the APAC region. Getting Ready for Gen Z marked the first full year with Generation Z defined Women seeking hot sex Jersey those born between and in the workforce. In no time, they will become the backbone of our labour market.

Being sensitive to the strengths, aspirations and needs of Gen Z is important in this region because APAC is seeing ageing populations especially in Singapore, Japan, China and Australia.

Organisations need to understand what Gen Z brings to the workplace in order to foster a vibrant multi-generational mix. Employers should know that Gen Z are focused on career progression and may not stay in the same company for long.

For example, Sodexo in Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company America has an alumni community called Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company. The community allows our ex-colleagues to participate in personal development programmes, keep in touch with friends and even contribute to our volunteer efforts. Hopefully this is something we can adopt one day in APAC. Moving the Needle Bbw seeking older gentleman for Leitchfield Kentucky Gender Balance Workplace diversity has been shown to bring more than just economic benefits.

Diversity however, is more than making the numbers add up. It requires instilling and prioritising true belonging and inclusion. Companies that want to overcome gender imbalances must examine the barriers that are holding women back — from biases and double standards to lack of sponsorship.

Culturally, the territories in APAC are very different. It is through a thorough Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company of the local environment that we can drive gender balance. It was created for female middle Adult dating AR Emmet 71835 and senior managers to develop their leadership skills and empower them to take their career to the next level. Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company programmes are led by both male Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company female senior leaders in our company.

Have an open mind and embrace cultural diversity. Pay attention to cultural nuances. For example, using WeChat as a solution to communicate with our employees on site works well in China but may not be as effective in other territories. Jean-Pascal Duvet, CEO of ComingWorks, shares with us more about the singapore-based start-up and the market potential in the sector of maps. Could you introduce us to ComingWorks and your activities? Maps are used by everybody in their everyday life and it is key for most of companies to do business.

With a smart information layer above any map, ComingWorks helps people for faster and smarter decision-making and helps companies for a better conversion rate and cost control.

Swingers in monaca pa. Swinging. our solution, switching from a map provider such as Google Maps to another provider is as easy as one click or Renai friend singles dating done automatically after reaching the free usage limit for instance.

Furthermore, it gives you at last a total control on what is displayed on your maps to best promote your sites and its surroundings. For one site like thousands, people will find all information they need in a wink to choose you over the competition. Could you describe the market potential? Previously dramatically undervalued, the new Google Maps pricing shows Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company maps are a billion-dollar market.

The need to show more relevant and personalized information on a Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company space like a mobile or a car display is increasing quickly. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, our map data visualization engine can be used or integrated by industries such as Automotive, Real Estate, Hospitality etc. Although our products and services are global, Singapore and South East Asia are our natural first business area as we are based in Singapore.

This market is now unlocked and there are a lot of growth opportunities. To enable a fast expansion in Asia and other dynamic geographies we will probably open up soon the capital of the company to Series A investors. What are the next steps for you? Announced only 1 month before, the coming Google pricing surge is both a great opportunity and an exciting race against the clock. Dominique Baumann, Vice President, Asia Pacific, shares with us more about the ambitions of the plant-based ingredients global leader and pioneer Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company new vegetal proteins and the markets it seeks to reach from singapore.

Could you tell us about your new APAC headquarters and its activities? The new innovation center located in Biopolis dedicated to pharma and to be ready later this year, for food, will help foster closer collaboration with our customers and partners in developing customised innovations in Food, Nutrition and Pharma industries. The regional headquarters in Singapore positions us Commuter sbf seeking single businessman 4 company to develop new business activities, distribution capabilities and further invest in the region.

What are your key markets that you seek to reach from Singapore? We understand that Roquette is exploring partnerships with institutes and universities in Singapore in research and innovation. Any projects that you could share with us about? Our state-of-the-art facility houses world-class technical teams who can develop new innovations and formulations in the areas of pharmaceutical excipients and drug delivery systems for oral dosage forms and injectables.

Moreover, we are collaborating on research projects dealing with development of new ingredients for foods and nutrition. We will be pleased to share with you the results of our Asian-focused research projects in the near future when they become available.

The expertise Roquette has accumulated in plant-based ingredients over 80 years gives us considerable advantages in Food, Nutrition and Health sectors. Our customers are key players in many sectors, especially in food, nutrition, health and pharma.

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Roquette particularly looks to working with local players and innovative start-ups to satisfy specific requests related to regional market demand — bringing innovations to this dynamic market.

From left to right: Spotlight on the Business Centre Knowing when and how to expand your business in Asia can be challenging. To grow your business in the right direction, you need information, knowledge, and advice. And finding Overton TX wife swapping right information takes time.