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You and I both know we got an otherwise good relationship at home and we would never want to give that up or in any way cause to it.

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Well, of course Deputy Shelby is hiding one of those Chinese sex slaves in his basement!

Of course he is! Or at least it would if this were to be some sort of miniseries.

The open-endedness of the show is still concerning. What I think works best here is the way that Norman visits all of this upon himself.

But by having the police find it so quickly, the producers are gambling on steering into the skid, on saying that Norman did this because some part of himself, deep down, wanted to always remember the moment when his mother Find a fuck Norman a guy and then the two of them covered it up.

The show seems to be portraying his increasing Finx of psychological breaks with reality as a sort of sudden Find a fuck Norman serial killer syndrome, which is patently ridiculous, but at least the show is really committing to it.

Norma comes to Norman in the middle of the night as a hallucination. Now, as mentioned, this is all just a bit stupid. Find a fuck Norman far as I can tell, Bates Motel is arguing that Norman Bates was created by the environment he was raised in, with a healthy layer of the environment his mother moved him to.

Yet I also liked this episode for the way it subtly apes the original Psycho structure: It takes Norman Bates—a figure we think we know Find a fuck Norman story of—and makes him the hero of the tale. Sexual violence is real, and there are terrible consequences for it. Granted, this is an over-the-top version of sexual violence that none of us will run into Fins our lifetimes, most likely, but women being kidnapped and sold Housewives seeking sex tonight Montegut Louisiana commodities is a real thing, one of those dark underbellies of human existence that many of us likely try not to think about too much.

Even tonight, she gets a really weird line about how she was sexually assaulted, and why would Norman want to remember that? Normqn this work? Who knows!

I guess I can get what the show is going for with Find a fuck Norman Norma and Deputy Shelby thing—how far will she go to protect herself and her kid? Sheriff Romero continues to feel like if Richard from Lost were given the job of small-town sheriff, and Bradley is still something of a nothing character.

Why don't you fuck off, Norman? - YouTube

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